Wakefield Private Emergency Department

For medical emergencies, please call 000 for Ambulance assistance

Estimated wait time:

35 mins

24 Hour Emergency Hospital Adelaide

Wakefield Private Emergency Department

300 Wakefield St. Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 08 8405 3440

  • rapid assessment and triage of patients
  • 24 hour private emergency medical and nursing care for a full range of medical and surgical emergencies
  • comprehensive cardiac and chest pain services
  • access to Resuscitation and Intensive Care Unit
  • access to Radiology including X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan, and Nuclear Medicine
  • access to pathology and pharmacy
Wakefield Emergency Department Parking Options

24 Hour Emergency Hospital Parking in Adelaide

There is a patient set down area at the Wakefield Private Emergency Department entrance, however, parking is not allowed in this location.

Street Parking

2 hour ticket parking is available on Wakefield Street, Hutt Street and East Terrace. Additionally, some of the side streets have free 2 hour parking spots.

Disability Parking

Disability parking bays can be found on Wakefield Street, Hutt Street and East Terrace.

If you are in the car park and need assistance getting to or from the Wakefield Private Emergency Department, please call 08 8405 3333.

Drop Off & Pick Up

There is a patient drop off and pick up area at the entrance of Wakefield Clinic, near Hudson’s. This a 10 minute zone, so please move your vehicle after the patient has safely arrived.

Wakefield Private Emergency Department – General Information

  • Wakefield Private Emergency Department is located within the Calvary Wakefield Hospital in Adelaide.
  • We provide 24 hour emergency care immediately to adults and children, 7 days a week.
  • Referrals are not required to attend the Emergency Department.
  • All our physician and nursing staff have many years of experience in emergency treatment and care. Presenting patients will be seen by one of these experienced physicians.
  • If admission to the Calvary Wakefield Hospital is required, we can provide various options for inpatient care and can refer you to the most appropriate specialists.

Private Emergency Department Fees & Payments

The Wakefield Emergency Department is a privately owned and non-government funded private emergency department.

For most patients, an emergency department visit in Adelaide will cost $430 out-of-pocket expense. While Medicare covers a portion of your visit, there may be additional costs associated with some services that may be required.

Please see our fees & payments page for more information on 24 hour private emergency department rates.

Our Specialists

  • Dr Sharad Pandit – Director of Emergency Medicine
  • Dr Jarrod Koh – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Mohines Pala – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Alison Kent – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Dilyara Mulraney – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Geoff Oddie – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Umair Qazi – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Amir Raza – Emergency Medicine FACEM

Chief Medical Officers

  • Dr Anthony Antonas
  • Dr Julie Downie
  • Dr Mark Fuidge
  • Dr Paul Gaetjens
  • Dr Henry Hancock
  • Dr Carolyn Roesler

New emergency department under construction

The Wakefield Private Emergency Department will soon be moving to Angas Street as part of the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital when it opens in early 2020. For more information on the new premises please click here.

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