Buderim Emergency Centre fees & payments

Fees & Payments

Buderim Emergency Centre
12 Elsa Wilson Dr, Buderim QLD 4556

Hours of operation

Buderim Emergency Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays.

We are always here and ready to help.

In relation to our fees and charges, we have ‘In-hours’ which are:

  • Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday 8am to 1pm

Fee Schedule

Typical out-of-pocket feeIn-HoursAfter-Hours
Standard Rate$310$380*
Eligible Veterans’ Health Card$0$0
Overseas Travelers$460+$530+

A visit to our private Emergency Centre costs $310 for most patients

* Please see the note below regarding typical After-Hours Surcharges

What Medicare Covers

To make things simple our normal fee is a $310 out-of-pocket expense, payable on the day as you leave the Emergency Centre.

The remainder of our costs are covered by Medicare, which can vary depending on the duration and complexity of your visit. This Medicare component will also be charged to you and then reimbursed to a bank account of your choice, usually next business day if not immediately.

For example…

You may pay $400 by credit card as you leave, and have $90 deposited into your savings account, meaning that you are only out-of-pocket $310 overall. A longer visit might mean a cost of $480 with a $170 rebate, but again that means you are only out-of-pocket $310.

If you need services such as x-rays or blood tests, the most common ones will also be paid for by Medicare. The main exception to this is an MRI scan which can range from $195 to $470 if it is particularly complex (multiple regions). Another example is an accelerated test for infectious disease, which can cost $50. These fees and Medicare claims will come via our partners such as QML Pathology and UC Medical Imaging.

After-Hours Surcharges

We are open 24 hours a day, every day. After-hours there are some surcharges to be aware of. We charge an additional $20 for the consultation and $50 for radiology, bringing the typical total to $380 out-of-pocket expense.

When Payment Is Required

Please pay as you leave. We accept:

  • Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Cash

Only Medicare contributes to your visit, not Private Health Insurance.

Private Health Cover

Private Health Insurers do not regard a visit to a privately-run emergency department as an overnight hospital stay, and therefore will not usually accept claims for your out-of-pocket costs. Of course you can claim other hospital expenses that your policy covers, should our Emergency Doctors find that you need to be admitted.

Admission To Hospital

In the event that you do need to be admitted to our private hospital, we will confirm that your private health insurance covers the particular condition at the time. If you do not have applicable insurance coverage, we will discuss options with you – for example the hospital may require payment upfront to be admitted.

Transfer To Other Hospitals

Occasionally it may be clinically necessary to transfer patients to a different hospital via ambulance. This will incur additional cost. Therefore we advise you to consider ambulance cover, either through your private health insurer or directly with the ambulance service.


No GST is payable on our charges as this is a health care service.


A concession rate is available to certain patients such as:

  • Pension card holders
  • Those who are returning to the Emergency Centre within 2 weeks of their last visit.

This rate is a 50% discount on the consultation, ie $155 In-hours or $190 After-hours, subject to the same above exclusions and additional charges for partner services.


If you have an accident at work or other health issue and believe that it can be claimed on WorkCover, we charge the fees prescribed by the government for reimbursement by Workcover.

There will be no out-of-pocket costs.

As you leave we will give you an invoice to include in the claims process. Please note however that should the claim be denied, you will be required to pay the bill (e.g. if not found to be work related).


Services to Veteran’s Health Card holders are paid for by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs which means no out-of-pocket expenses for you with the appropriate DVA Health Card.

Overseas Travellers

Travelers from overseas countries are not generally eligible to claim the Medicare rebate from the Australian Government. Therefore we charge $460 In-hours or $530 After-hours, plus the cost of tests or other services from our partner providers. You may be able to claim this back from your travel insurance provider depending on the policy you have.

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