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Careers & Employment

The success of Care 24-7 is the result of the dedication of our phenomenal team, who work tirelessly together to deliver the highest quality of expert emergency care in the communities in which we operate.

Care 24-7 is a friendly and professional place to work and our culture is built around the notion of treating every patient, as family.

Care 24-7’s team of emergency specialists are empowered to use their expertise and initiative when treating patients, and can quickly access tests, scans and other specialists. It means we can provide the highest level of patient care and satisfaction – which is why we chose medicine as a vocation in the first place.

Importantly, our doctors aren’t required to perform non-clinical work because we want them to be 100% focused on their patients.

We remunerate our people well and invest in technology and in development, in an environment of continuous improvement. This way, each of us can do our work efficiently and effectively.

If you have similar high standards and attention to detail, we’d love to hear from you. Any current openings are listed below.

Current Position Openings

Please send an email to CEO Paul Langley at to enquire about current openings.

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